Our Parents

TLC_Novato_FDAt TLC, we value our parents as partners in the individual care and education of each child.

Below are how our parents feel about TLC Preschool:

It is because of Bonnie’s hard work and dedication our daughter is so excited and prepared to go to kindergarten. We feel so lucky that TLC had such a positive impact in her first years of schooling. We are truly grateful. – Kelly and Tom

Both our boys went here.  Bonnie and the other teachers are absolutely wonderful; a very caring and nourishing environment where the kids both learn and play. – Cindy H.

TLC Preschool is just as warm, personal. professional and academically excellent as when I attended 26 years ago.  I left TLC beautifully prepared for kindergarten and life.  I am confident that my daughter will have the same experience.  It is still as wonderful as I remember it! – Laryn H. (Attended TLC 26 years ago and now has a child enrolled)

My second child will be graduating from TLC next month and we are sad!  Our time with Bonnie and TLC have been nothing short of fantastic. They have energetic and loving teachers.  The size of the school, with just two classrooms, was just right for us, with a great mix of academics and socialization.  My older child entered kindergarten more than ready and excelled, thanks to the pre-K progam at TLC.  You will not find a better, smarter, nicer preschool. – Tania K.

I really love the small class sizes because the teachers are able to work with each child’s individual needs and personalities and they are able to tell each parent how their child’s day went.  They really care about each child and made the transition to preschool a much easier one for my daughter. – Betty C.

Both of my children attended TLC for three years leading up to kindergarten – and I can only say good things about this place.  Three things to remember: small classes (max 6 kids in a class), in-home environment (no transition issues), director/teacher with an MSE and 30 years of experience – actually taking care of the kids. Couldn’t ask for anything more.

Just today Bonnie called me to tell me something new that that my daughter had learned.  She loves the kids and she loves teaching.

My son is in now second grade and doing exceptionally well socially, emotionally and academically. I attribute this to tailored attention he received at TLC.

Seema teaches the younger kids.  She is creative, fun and loving. In the early days I remember peeking in and seeing my daughter asleep in her arms. It reminded me that I had made the right decision. – Jennifer L.

TLC Preschool is excellent!  The small class size helps give close individualized attention to the children, lending to a smooth transition into kindergarten.  This is a quality school with dedicated teachers and the children really feel prepared for kindergarten.  My daughter loves the teachers and the many projects they work on, with daily reports of what they did each day.  This school is quality, comfortable, cozy and definitely thumbs up! – Claire P.

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